Travel Car Caddies

First off, I apologise for my total lack of posts in the last month or so. I know how you’ve all missed my witty repertoire and delicious recipe tests  laughing at my blunders, but we’ve been in RSA visiting family and friends and we were having too much fun in the sun for me to bother with the computer much. I also didn’t want to advertise the fact that there would be no one in our house for almost 5 weeks!

We arrived home yesterday so I thought I’d get back into the swing of things while the boys are still asleep this morning (it’s going on 9am and they have been asleep since just after 3pm yesterday! Although they woke at 20h45 for a shower & snack, they were back in bed by 22h15) I’m making the most of it let me tell you! I’ll post about our actual trip at a later stage but, for now, I’ll show you this little gem I stumbled upon before we left & knew it would be perfect for the looooooong plane trip…. Cozy Car Caddies by homemadebyjill

Photo courtesy of homemadebyjill

HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!!?? Even with my limited sewing prowess, I thought I could pull it off. With a few moderations of course. You will, no doubt, be disappointed that I didn’t photograph all the steps I followed, but take comfort in the fact that Jill did just that for you of hers…which is quite a bit tidier than I would’ve managed.(click on the link above to check out her other photos, also for the tutorial I followed).

Conveniently, I had a pair of jeans which were frayed beyond repair that I hadn’t gotten around to chucking out yet so I set about cutting out pieces as per the tutorial. After working out the inch to cm conversions…note to self, next time just flip the measuring tape over to view the side with inches on it!!! But I digress…

Not being very familiar with the different types of fabric, I just used what I imagine is some kind of cotton for the inside layer instead of the duck cloth she used. I also subbed in corduroy for the road as I didn’t have a long enough piece of black felt…and I wanted black, not grey for the road so had to make do with what I had. Turns out corduroy wasn’t the best option as it frays…but I wasn’t redoing it at that stage. And I used white felt for the road lines, instead of yellow.

She very kindly provides a template of a car you can use to applique onto the front, which I would’ve used if I didn’t already have an AWESOME Disney Cars fat quarter in my stash. I used Lightning McQueen for Master 3 & Sheriff for Master 4. Also, I didn’t have piping so had to do without. And I didn’t do the last step of painting numbers onto the pockets.

The result…


notice the bits of black from the fraying corduroy…


Not to shabby

I surprised the boys with them on the plane and they loved them. Especially Master 3, he was entertained with his for ages on all legs of our trip.


perfect size for tray table



Hubby was playing up for the camera

I had a number of air hosts ask where I’d got them from, with the appropriate oooo’s and ahhh’s when I told them I made them myself haha Proud moment


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