Nappy Clutch

So I broke out the ‘ol sewing machine a few weeks back. I had a baby shower to attend and wanted to make something to go with the very boring, but practical, gift of nappies & wipes. And pinterest delivered! A nappy clutch for a handbag on a quick outing. Or to grab out of the nappy bag when you’re out & don’t want to lug the whole bag with you. Genius!

There were a few different designs floating around the web. Mostly on etsy stores. So I decided to wing it, sort of. I read a few blogs, and methods, but couldn’t find one exactly how I wanted it to be. I wanted this look( from sewingbarefoot) but with a window so the Mamma-to-be could reach the wipes without having to take the whole container out. I couldn’t find any directions for cutting out the window & making it look decent. So I just took a deep breath & cut! With the hope that any imperfections could be hidden under some bias tape.

I didn’t use her measurements as I was too lazy to convert inches to cm, I just placed a nappy and wipes container on some fabric, added a little extra and cut. Not the most accurate of sewing methods but this time I was lucky. It worked out pretty well I thought!

I also didn’t use a strap, and for the life of me I can’t remember why I didn’t! Probably because I was too lazy  I forgot I ran out of time

I then had to work out how to sew around the hole using bias tape. Grrrrr it took some skill and patience I tell you! But I got there in the end. Layering it all took some brain power too. I wanted as little fuss as humanly possible. I used Winnie the Pooh fabric for the outside layer, because who doesn’t like Pooh bear, right? A plain white for the layer you see when the clutch is open, and so it’s not the yukky back side of the Pooh bear fabric sticking out. And then a bright red for the 2 pockets. I added a piece of elastic & a very cute ladybug button as the closing mechanism.



I couldn’t tell you the actual measurements of things because I didn’t write them down as I went along. But its easy enough to do yourself if you have a nappy & wipes case to use as a guide. I even did two more while I was doing this one, but changed the clasp bit to a strap with velcro. To have as back ups just in case any other of my friends was thinking of popping out a kidlet.







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