Ninja Turtle Party

So Master 4 became Master 5 last week & requested a Ninja Turtle Party. I immediately turned to pinterest & made a plan. First up was the invites (again by my sister-in-law over at Creative Box), but I didn’t get them out in time as his birthday was the first week after the school holidays, so only those I had contact info for got invited *my bad*. 

I did at least whip up a cake the night before his last day at kindy for him to share with his friends there (kids start school the day they turn 5 here, although I kept him home on his actual birthday. What with it falling on a Friday, I didn’t see the point of sending him)


His cake for kindy

A pretty easy party theme to cater for actually, which is always a plus…

Green Jelly as “Toxic Ooze”

Oreos as “Sewer Lids”

Fanta in the convenient turtle colours (red, orange,blue & purple) as “Radical Refreshments”

Cupcakes from a box mix (surprisingly good) as “Cawabunga Cupcakes”

We had pizza, of course, as “Mutant Pizza”

And a variety of snacks as “Ninja Nibbles”


Appropriately coloured plates & napkins completed the look. The cake I made from a community-famous recipe & just plonked  artfully placed an edible image on the top. It went down a treat. The boys enjoyed baking day!




The lollies turned out to be sour…REALLY sour. And chewing gum on the inside! Which was NOT on the packaging. Luckily the sourness put most of the kids off anyway.

Master 5 was spoilt rotten & we have been building Lego everyday since!


Master 3 eyeing up the motorbike model!



Everyone was knackered!


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