Gingerbread Men

The boys have been asking to make “shape” cookies for days, so today seemed like the perfect day to break out the cookie cutters & get down to business. They both agreed that gingerbread men would be ideal.

I chose a recipe here, then realised that I would need butter, of which there was none in the fridge! So I took a chance that peanut butter & a little oil would be a good substitute. And no brown sugar, so white it had to be. What’s a good recipe without a few substitutes, right?


Smile for me boys!

150g of butter was called for so I started with half peanut butter & half oil. It ended up being far less a dough & more a crumbly mess so I added a little more oil until I got the desired consistency(about another 1/4 cup). But we got there eventually. Rolling & cutting was altogether a different story. Needless to say there are no pictures of this process as my hands were deep in oily dough!

I did, however, snap this mid bake


The best part of baking….

20140912_120235 20140912_120243

The worst part of baking…waiting & watching the clock


The end result…nothing special, but at least they kept their shape & tasted like a cookie, albeit not a gingerbread one!



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