Mummy brain…

Now, for my South African & American readers I should call this post “mommy brain” instead ,although I do sometimes feel my brain is indeed mummified! As in pulled out through my nose with a hook thingy & discarded! I’m betting you all know what I’m talking about, even if you yourself have yet to experience this affliction I’m sure you’ve witnessed it in a friend or your own mother. Yes,my friends, your own mother because it it something you never fully recover from!

It starts the minute you realise you’re pregnant, or probably beforehand but it’s put down as mere tiredness etc until that life altering moment! It starts with little things like forgetting where you put your keys or forgetting a coffee date to walking, with purpose, into a room only to have no clue as to why (and even how sometimes) you are there! And let’s not forget the time you make yourself a coffee, sit down to browse the internet only to realise when you take your first sip that you didn’t even boil the kettle first. True story!

After baby arrives, this brain affliction is amped up to the next stage…”baby haze”- if it has nothing to do with the baby’s immediate needs or if it’s not a matter of life or death, it gets completely pushed to the deep recesses of the brain, more often than not to be lost forever. Just try and remember anyone’s name now! Even your own! But if someone asks about the baby, well you could recite his whole day in minute detail. Although that could be because the minutes kind of meld into one another  and your brain just has a default day it allows you to recite. Now that I think about it, that’s probably what it is!

As you come through that first 6 weeks of haze, you may naively think that you will regain your former self. I pause here to allow myself, and you, a minute to laugh hysterically! Know now that there is now going back, you will forever have “mummy/mommy brain”! Your kids will never be called by their given name the first time round, you will call them their sibling’s name EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. And if there are pets in the house, you will consider it a triumph if you manage not to call the kids by the pets names! There are days when you will even have to ask THEM what their name is. Nothing takes the sting out of a telling off than rambling off a list of names & STILL not getting the right one, followed by a defeated “what’s your name again?” Then the kids are laughing at you, you leave them strangling the dog and slump off to make a coffee, hoping that by the time you get back they would’ve tired of that and moved on to the next activity. Allowing yourself a minute to compose yourself and prepare your arsenal of names for round 2!

Trying to get a full sentence out of your mouth first time also becomes a struggle. Names of everyday items suddenly vanish from your vocab just at the point you need them. Your tongue trips up and you sound like you’ve been hitting the liquor cabinet, all the while being fully aware of what’s happening and not being able to do ANYTHING about the train-wreck that is about to spew forth from your mouth! I can’t count the number of times I’ve been trying to tell Hubby something and he’s had to stop my with a “what the hell are you trying to say?” or “will you spit it out already!” with me exploding “if I could get it out properly don’t you think I would?! I can’t do it, I just can’t do it!! Stop being so mean!” At which point he either bursts out laughing or rolls his eyes, shaking his head with pity. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m pretty sure I had a list of other things I wanted to put down here but as I didn’t write it down, I can’t remember *sigh*

Now, I realise I have made light of this but people, this is a thing. AN ACTUAL THING! So next time you find yourself facing a rather flustered, tongue tied mum/mom, smile in understanding and fetch the poor woman a drink!


I Heart Free Coffee!

Now I know I’ve prattled on about my slight addiction fondness for good coffee numerous times before, but have I mentioned how much yummier it is when it’s free??? I can assure you that that’s an actual scientific fact. Or it should be! Every noticed how a meal is more delish when someone else cooks? Even toast is tastier when you don’t have to make it yourself! Maybe it’s just me, but I always enjoy something more when I’ve had as little involvement as possible. Lazy? Don’t be absurd!!

Same applies to coffee, it’s somehow more fragrant/luxurious (hey, I’m running out of adjectives!) when it’s free. I try to only use coupons etc for when I’m by myself or with other coffee addicts connoisseurs. That way I can take my time & savour every sip of it.

This morning was one of those days!*happy little jig* A free-coffee coupon from Esquires – usually out of my price range at $5.80 for a tall flat white ($4.90 for a regular, which is what I would normally get when it’s not free!) I prefer Hollywood café’s $3.30 for a regular coffee PLUS 2 free fluffies PLUS 1 free muffin. And, to be honest, the more expensive coffee is no better or worse than the reasonably priced one!

Now my favourite coffee is Starbucks, maybe because I “discovered” them at a very awesome time of my life…travelling overseas after finishing high school, young & carefree! But now only as a treat every once in a while due to their inflated prices. BUT, after going in there to redeem another coupon before the movies last week, I read that they are freezing their prices.  May just be my next “treat day” treat…their spiced pumpkin latte has my name ALL OVER IT!

In my head this post seemed longer, turns out I was wrong…

Head in a book!

Ahhh, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a book I’ve enjoyed so much that I just couldn’t put it down. Having always been an avid reader, it has gradually slipped by the wayside since having my boys. When I get into a good book, everything else ceases to exist…a small problem when there are babies who refuse to be ignored, hence the wayside slippage these past 3 years. I have, of course, still been reading but only when time permits. I end up getting books that are going to be an easy quick read, or ones that are (auto)biographical. These are best as I can put them down & leave for days at a time before picking them up again to continue without feeling the need to consume the book in one go!

Fast forward to this past weekend & a desire to start the Twilight series. I know I know, you’re either cheering because you’ve been telling me for years to read them or you’re cringing & wondering how I could have slipped so far down in your estimations in under 30 seconds! You can thank/blame my SIL. The next Chicks at the Flicks is the last installment in the saga & I wasn’t planning on going as I have only seen the first movie & wasn’t fussed with it. She “encouraged” me to come with her & a couple of other friends & how could I say no when there is wine & chocolate involved!?! So I decided to bight the bullet & hire all 4 movies to catch up on the story. 2 days, 4 movies & I was hooked (no child or husband was neglected in the slight obsession to get through them as fast as possible, I’m just lucky the boys still sleep for 2 hours every afternoon…& that Hubby was preoccupied with his motorbike!)

The next logical step was to read the books, of course, as EVERYONE knows the book is always better than the movie! So a trip to the library on Friday resulted in the 1st two books & I was addicted! Conveniently, Hubby’s friend came around on Fri night so they could drool over said motorbike (or whatever it is men do in sheds with bikes!) so I was able to curl up on the couch for the evening after the kids were in bed. Not even X Factor could hold my attention much (slipped some more in your estimations now haven’t I??). I finished it sometime on Sat, sitting with the boys while they watched a DVD…& who said TV doesn’t have it’s uses? I even took them to the park in the morning to try & tire them out even more so they would have a nice long afternoon nap.Needless to say dinner was a non-event, Hubby was out so the boys & I had toast, fruit & strawberry cupcakes. I was one popular mama I can tell you. I did let them bake the cupcakes & lick the bowl too so I was definitely favourite parent of the day!





Sunday morning I worked so no time was spent with my head buried in a book  but darling Hubby did cook dinner so I could carrying on reading after the boys woke from their nap… I think he remembered what I used to be like when I got started on a book so he figured he better cook if he wanted to eat before midnight! He then brought me a glass of wine & entertained the boys! Although they were quite happy jumping up on the bed with their own books for a bit, & playing on the floor by my feet. It felt so good to do something just for me! With everyone else just getting on with things quite happily. Which never happens!Although I think I overdid it a little as I only climbed into bed at midnight, having still not finished book 2.

Not many people “get it” when I say I literally can’t put a book down (I have been known to strain my eyes to the point of blood vessels bursting, but that hasn’t happened since I read the Harry Potter series the first time years ago! *grin*) I equate it to watching a good movie…if every minute of a movie was equivalent to 1 page in a book, could you suddenly stop watching after 23 minutes & not wonder what was coming next, & not want to continue watching to the end? How about those movies that are so bad but you keep watching just to see the end?Same goes for a book, just because it takes longer to get to the end doesn’t make it any easier not to want to know what happens as soon as possible.

I did finally finish it on Monday while the boys were at Kindy, although you will be pleased to know I did at least get out of the house to have coffee & a catch up with a friend! And, for the first time in many years, a library has let me down…books 3 & 4 were either already loaned out, or being repaired!! I mean, really, hasn’t everyone read them already? I thought for sure I’d be one of the last people to fall under it’s spell so to speak, but no, seems there are others out there that are newcomers to the Cullens/Blacks/Swans, or who enjoy re-reading them. Trade Me to the rescue! I managed to find them cheap & now it’s just the wait for them to turn up in the post! Give me a chance to catch up on the housework!!!


Ahhh yes, the unique breed of human, commonly known as the teenager, is a law unto themselves! The early bloomers,surly& full of attitude on one side and the squeaky voiced, lanky nerds on the other. Although, nowadays, you can never be sure who belongs where thanks to so-called cool oversize glasses & Justin Bieber hair! Now I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what bought this subject about, what with my boys only being 2& 3 years old. Well, I was walking in the mall yesterday afternoon behind a group of 4 teens. I wish now I had taken a photo of them but there were far too many people about to make it look inconspicuous. So I had to trust myself to remember what they were wearing (not the smartest idea let me tell you!) 1 stands out though…peach coloured skinny jeans, oversize tshirt  with scalloped front & back, and then a cardy over the top of that! People, this was a teenage BOY!! This is not an isolated incident either. The mall was teaming with them. Those that weren’t wearing long tshirts had their undies showing as the skinny jeans just couldn’t do all the work.I guess I’m showing my age, but I know I’m not alone in thinking “pull your pants up you idiot!” I would never ACTUALLY say anything ‘coz that would be totally uncool & I have my street cred to worry about, but it sure doesn’t stop me thinking it!

Now, granted, I was once a teenager too & I’m sure I did or said things that would make me cringe now but I can say I never bothered much about keeping up in the fashion department. Oh, I wasn’t totally uncool, I had the basic “must have items” but only if I deemed them acceptable to wear. I had standards you know! *wink* Saying that, I do remember a very unfortunate time of dungarees & plaid shirts, both of which I owned but thankfully the majority of my peers did too…

This post is just a random rambling really, all I wanted to do was to express my amazement that boys think it’s cool to wear peach coloured skinny jeans, or ANY colour skinny jeans for that matter. Yes, I know, I’m TOTALLY uncool! It just seems like these days, teens are more “into” the androgynous look than the hunky muscles look…I can tell you which I preferred as a teen, and it certainly wasn’t the former! Boys needed to look like they stepped out of a Baywatch episode, not a Justin Bieber concert!Amazing how things can change in less than a generation!

One day I will have to deal with my own boys being teenagers, it’s inevitable, but hopefully they will both be trend setters & not sheep! Or maybe I will just home school them so they won’t be slaves to peer-pressure! I can handle pretty much anything, but skinny jeans, on boys….???? That may be one step too far for this mama!

pic curtesy of


pic curtesy of

Friendly shop assistants

We have all been faced with at least one of these so-called friendly shop assistants. I’m talking literally & not sarcastically here, people. The ones who make it their mission to sell you anything & everything they can…otherwise known as the “pushy, annoying, in-your-face shop assistant”. You walk into a shop & before you’ve even crossed the threshold one of them has materialized out of nowhere, wanting to know what you’re looking for & how can they help. Now, I appreciate the friendly smile & generic “how’s your day going” question but I really can manage on my own. If there is anything I need help with or a question I want to ask…guess what? I’ll find YOU, it shouldn’t be hard to do now should it? Some of you may disagree, I’ve certainly had more than 1 experience of never finding someone to help when you need it, but on the whole I prefer to be left alone to go about my business. Yesterday, the woman at the book store must have been bored because she pounced & was trying to sell me every Thomas the Tank Engine book/toy in the place when she saw me browsing at the kids books. How do you end a conversation like that if she hangs around watching you??I’ll tell you how…just buy the damn thing & beat it out of there!

Today, the guy at the petrol station almost caused me to get a little violent! I asked for $15 petrol & he said “you don’t want to upgrade to $20?” NO!I would’ve ASKED for $20 if that’s what I wanted. Then “can I interest you in anything else?coffee?chocolate?” NO! I would’ve ASKED for that if I wanted any. And then, hold on to your hats people, “maybe one of our kites?” SERIOUSLY dude, all I want is $15 of  *@#% petrol!!! But instead of flying off my rocker at him I smiled sweetly & said “no, I’d probably fly off in this wind” AND THEN “oh, that’s hardly likely” in a  how-stupid-are-you-woman kind of tone!

And then there’s the trolley guy at Pak ‘n Save…EVERY week he sees me & the kids walking into the shop & EVERY week he says “a couple of rugby forwards you got there ma’am” & EVERY week I agree, smiling sweetly. (Granted, I do think he’s a little special & probably doesn’t remember us from week to week) And lets not forget the till operators who feel the need to fill the silence with conversation. Me, I’m quite comfortable in silence. I much prefer it to trying to make small talk with someone I don’t know. Just scan my groceries & let me get on with my day. Oh, & one day I had a Countdown till operator tell me how her colleague at the next till  was suffering from a really bad skin condition!How she could barely move as it was so raw & oozing! I shit you not! Although I was very glad I had her instead of the scabby woman on the next till! Needless to say I’m loving the do-it-yourself checkouts!

The art of gift giving…

I suddenly realised that this morning would be my only time alone to get Master (Almost) 2’s birthday gift before the weekend. Like I’ve said before, I perform best under pressure. Cool, calm & collected that’s me! I had no idea what to get him so it was a case of just walking down every aisle until something grabbed my attention. I also had to pick up a gift from Ouma & Oupa, which I had seen awhile ago in Kmart but didn’t buy right then & there…rookie mistake! Of course today, sold out! But luckily the Warehouse came to the rescue. Not the exact same one but half the price…score!

I don’t know what made me walk down the girl toys aisle, I never do unless on the hunt for Miss Niece. Perhaps it was the excitement of being in the store ALL BY MYSELF! Anyways, I’m glad I did! A mini cooking set, perfect for the oven I got in my last Opshop haul .He’s either going to love playing with it or he’s going to love throwing the pieces around. Either way he’ll love it!

I find it difficult to stop at just 1 gift though. I saw this poem online & am trying to stick to it. Especially with Christmas just around the corner. Buying gifts based on the following principles:  ” Something they want, Something they need, Something they wear & Something they read”. As he’s too young to really WANT something I’m using the kitchen set as that. I got chalk as the NEED (Ouma & Oupa got him a stand up chalkboard, he now NEEDS chalk!) The WEAR is more difficult as my parents, as well as my MIL, tend to spoil the boys with clothes so I don’t need to add to that . But I did manage to find the perfect t shirt for his firetruck themed party so I guess I covered that category too. And finally, a Thomas the Tank Engine book as the READ. Done & dusted in less than 3 hrs. Well, less if you take into account my window shopping & coffee stop!

Now the trick is to stay away from the shops until after his birthday on Sunday…that way I won’t be tempted to add to that. The problem with that is I still have most of the shopping for the party to do (there’s that last minute thing again!) And then it’s time to start Christmas shopping!!!! And this year my parents are flying over from SA to spend 5 glorious weeks over Christmas & New Year with us. And let me tell you that these 2 can shop!!So I’m fully prepared to bet money on it that they won’t be sticking to the “guidelines” *wink* But I guess grandparents are exempt from the “guidelines” anyway, so spoil away grandies, spoil away!!



Through the eyes of a child…

…especially 1 who couldn’t believe his luck at being given Mum’s camera! A long story involving Master 3’s speech delay & a course I am on in order to better help him develop his speech & language, which I won’t go in to now, but part of the course involves video sessions where I am taped in an interaction with him, practicing the strategies etc etc which we can then view & analyse. All good…until it turns out our turn happens during the school holidays & Master (Almost) 2 will be home too! But I lived in hope that he would be easily entertained by one of the language therapists while we were being taped by the other. Rookie mistake right there people!From the moment he opened his eyes that morning, he was so clingy I didn’t know how I was even going to get ready, let alone whip up another batch of playdoh for our “interaction”(the old stuff had been left outside the night before in the rain!) The first batch turned out so well, Master 3 wanted to play with it immediately. Keep him busy at least, I thought…rookie mistake number 2! He decided to “wash it” with water from his drink bottle! Ever tried playing with wet playdoh?!It was semi saved by the addition of more flour but it wasn’t going to make the cut, so out came all the ingredients again for round 2!

When it came to crunch time, Master (Almost 2) wouldn’t have a bar of being away from me so he became part of the filming & Master 3 was NOT AT ALL interested in the awesome, silky playdoh I had slaved over…TWICE! He was far more interested in the video camera being used & refused flat out to do anything else. So I bit the bullet & brought out my own camera…I was soooo popular! Needless to say he was as happy as the proverbial pig  but to try & improvise the strategies so I at least looked like I had been working on them was hard work! But we I got through it relatively unscathed & lived to tell the tale. Below are samples of the genius photography skills of my 3 year old. I had to leave out all the cleavage shots…his father’s child! And also the ones that made me look a little too much like a psycho drunk, which was most of them!

Alot of these feet/floor shots…

A few headless shots…


Another one…


He did manage to catch this cutie pie hanging off me…

And this about summed up the morning perfectly! And, yes, that is food colouring on my fingers from making the playdoh!


What better way to kick off the week than with a run, right?Oh, I can think of soooooo many more things I would chose to do instead! Mostly involving shopping/caffeine/chilling on the couch (I could go on!) but I have decided that I am going to at least try & get fitter this summer. I was inspired by my brother’s new blog when he started it a few weeks ago but have had every excuse NOT to get started…. time,kids,sickness,the weather(again, I could go on!) Oh, & don’t mention it to my brother…we wouldn’t want him to get a big head now! Jokes aside, head over & have a read…he knows his stuff.

And then yesterday, I was with a friend drinking coffee & eating biscuits, & her daughter headed out for a 17km run…AND came back less than 2 hours later looking like she’d just had a stroll in the park!People, there were hills involved!!!Contemplating what I planned to do (while chomping on the new caramel Aero if I’m going to be honest)I decided the easiest thing would be to run. No equipment needed, no money to be spent & more importantly, no excuses! I did actually look into buying a treadmill a few weeks ago but, as we have next to no spare floor space in our little matchbox of a house, it just wouldn’t be practical. I would end up stashing it behind/under something & then it would become a hassle to get it out every other day. Then to join a gym costs money & I would only be able to go a maximum of 2-3 times a week due to us living 20km from the nearest one & having the kids all day. There is only one gym in town that has a daycare type facility for the boys & it’s price reflects that!

With that in mind I put my exercise clothes on under my normal attire, dropped the boys at Kindy, back home to drop off the car & ‘normal attire’ & headed straight out for my run walk/jog. That way there was no chance to change my mind! The house was a tip, the washing not done & dishes sat congealing in the sink but I turned a blind eye…which wasn’t difficult to be fair! Now, I haven’t jogged in over a year & a half so I planned on taking it easy. There’s nothing worse than overdoing it on the first day & then not being able to move for days (been there, done that!).

4.5km, give or take a few meters, was the route I took. As we live on a BUSY main road, just getting to the quieter back road is sometimes workout enough!Trucks fly by on the narrow road with hardly any shoulder & can catch you unawares…especially the ones who refuse to move an inch! So I ended up walking in the drainage ditch until I got to the quieter farm road. The only drawback of a road bordered by farms?The cow shit smell! Nothing like breathing deeply (huffing & puffing in my case) & the “fresh” air is tinged with that smell! And the drainage ditches here are filled with stagnant water….can you say midges!?Breathe through your mouth too often & in fly a cluster of them…hmmm, extra protein I guess. And then there are the flies…thankfully only when it gets really hot & the cows are right by the road. Other than that it’s a fairly pleasant route *grin*

I actually managed to jog just over 3km without stopping! Those of you posting on Facebook about your 30min(slight exaggeration??) 10km ‘jogs’ can shove it up your derriere , that’s just bragging & no one likes a bragger *I am, of course, only joking, lest some of you take offence* I haven’t stopped moving since I finished(in 38min I’ll have you know…the bragging comment doesn’t apply to me of course) ‘coz I don’t want that lactic acid to have any excuse to pool! You know how it goes…straight after exercise all you want to do is sit & recuperate, but try & get up again & EVERY part of your body aches! Even sitting here typing I am jiggling my legs.

I won’t bore you with the elaborate details but I must admit I’m feeling great…I even followed my shower with the burning face mask (with lemon this time,a little more of a  burning sensation than the lime but nothing major, in case you were wondering) & a spirulina smoothie. What with the boys being at Kindy this morning & now in bed napping, I’m having a great day *grin*

Although I have now probably just jinxed myself…moving on. Don’t worry, this won’t turn into one of those blogs where I brag about every bit of exercise I do & how much weight fall off(I can dream!) or how many cm’s have miraculously melted away. I thought I’d briefly jot it down so I hold myself accountable, and by default you do too! I know you now expect me to run a marathon or something silly like that *again, don’t get offended, I really am only joking* but you will find yourself disappointed *grin*

JPEG of The Week (plus some writing)

I was going to have this photo speak for itself, but then I came to my senses and had second thoughts!I had pinned this idea on pinterest & was waiting for the opportunity to try it out. Today seemed like a good enough time as any. Now it’s advertised as The Burning Face Mask on her blog,so probably not the best marketing strategy if you just happened to come across it randomly, but the photo on pinterest says “acne scars be-gone face mask” which does grab your attention. I’ve never tried any homemade beauty treatments so I was interested to see how it would go.

Verdict: definitely not the most attractive looking treatment but it did taste good! Hey, it kept dripping onto my top lip!What’s a girl to do!? Note to self: don’t heat the honey up first, makes the mask too runny.I used lime juice instead as I didn’t have any lemon juice(I DID, however, realise we have a lemon TREE outside AFTER I had applied the mask!Give me a break, it has been a LOOOONNNGGG morning) so it didn’t really burn much, a slight tingle at a push. And it did start to itch about 15minutes into the recommended half hour. Definitely refreshing, especially if you sit in a slight breeze outside! My skin did feel wonderful afterwards too! Supposed to do it up to 3 times a week for maximum benefits so I’ll have another go this weekend. In the mean time I hope like hell it doesn’t cause a breakout!

hmmm attractive no?