Legoland Malaysia – waterpark


Day 2 in Malaysia saw us having a lazy start to the day, the boys had slept from about 5pm the night before (Master 1 from about 3pm) so were awake at about 8am. We mooched around until about 9.30, when we headed over to Legoland. As the parks only open at 10, we planned to grab a quick breakfast at Medini Mall, right opposite the entrance to the main park before heading in. Dinner the night before had been a few sweet rolls from a bakery near the hotel. The only food place within walking distance, so we decided good ol’ Burger King would fill the gap & guarantee the boys ate well. Their coffee was crap, but the food as you would expect from any Burger King anywhere!


KFC to the left, BK to the right…


Poser of note


This clown!


Master 1 discovered coke zero!! Oops

Before entering the park, I made a stop at the ticket counter to pay for Master 1. 11 ringgit to get in to the water park, but it did include 2 swimming nappies. The change rooms/locker area was large. We got away with using a small locker & just stuck the pram up on top of a row of lockers. I left my phone in there too so not a lot of photos while in the park. The floor was tiled but they did have numerous dryers blowing across them to keep them from getting too wet. But you have to watch your step as it was extremely slippery if you happened to follow someone in who was dripping wet. We hired 2 towels for 30 ringgit each, plus a 30ringgit deposit per towel. Make sure you keep the receipt, otherwise you will be going home with 2 boring white towels!

Once we were all changed, we headed over to the Build a raft river. The older boys left us in their wake as they charged off down the slow flowing river. They didn’t bother trying to build a raft! Master 1 loved the big building blocks and continued to enjoy these the whole day. Both my elder boys can swim, and there were numerous lifeguards on duty at all areas so we gave up trying to keep them with us & settled for keeping them within sight most of the time. There were also life jackets for anyone not comfortable in the water. They knew not to leave under any circumstance, and if they couldn’t find us at any point to just find a dry place outside to sit down & we would find them. Master 5 was in bright green & Master 6 bright orange, so were easy to spot! The park is relatively small too, and was relatively quiet. No queuing for the slides!


Build a raft river and Duplo Splash Safari, Master 1 & Hubby in front of the elephant


Wave pool. About 1.4m deep at the back wall. Very Gentle waves


Wear bright colours!


Loads of seating by the wave pool.


Joker Soaker in the background. Boys spent a little bit of time here


The Duplo Safari again. A couple of slides for those that couldn’t use the big slides. Master 1 with Hubby on the other side of the elephant. 


Joker Soaker,Master 5 in the green near the top of the structure


This was popular!


Master 6 tried every slide, Master 5 only the slower ones! A couple of them required a large tube to go down. Master 6 & I went down a few times on the Brick Blaster but needed a third person to go down the Splash & Swirl with us. We convinced Master 5, as it was a tube you climb into, with a bottom, and relatively gentle. He loved it so decided to try the Brick Blaster with us…this one involved a couple of sections where the tube goes quite high up the side of the ride, he DID.NOT like that one!

We spent about 4 hours there as we had to head back to Singapore for our flight the next morning. We wanted to get back into Singapore in order to get  decent nights sleep as we had to be up at 6am the net day. We easily could’ve spent another few hours there, but the boys were happy to leave as they had been on everything numerous times.


We didn’t stay at the hotel, but it was in between  the 2 parks so we got a few piccies on the way passed



We loved these signs!


So well done


These Lego figures were all through both parks


Lego is not cheap in Malaysia, apparently as there is one supplier who has monopoly over all Lego prices! We allowed the boys these, they could make their own minifigures…33ringgit for a set of 3, or 55ringgit for 2 sets of 3.

We left LLM at 3pm & headed for the Tuas checkpoint. I had read something about having to pick up entrance cards before hitting the toll counters by pulling over somewhere but I only remembered once we were AT the counter & handed entry cards to fill out! The same cards we had to fill out on the plane before landing in Singapore. If I had thought about it, I should’ve tried to get more cards while on the plane! It would’ve been quicker! But it wasn’t a problem, it just took about 10min to fill all of them out before we could get through. Then it was a quick peak in the boot before we were on our way. Despite what the traffic looks like in the photo below, it took us about 3min to get from here to a counter, 10 min at the counter itself, 2 min to get boot checked & then we were off.


heading back into Singapore

We stayed at Hotel 81, a chain of hotels that we have used before. Very simple but relatively well priced. Of course, the street was crazy busy due to the time of day we arrived, and the fact we were in quite a popular area! We dropped off our bags & headed back out to find dinner. The boys settled for McDs, while Hubby went out later looking for something more curry-like for us!


And before I knew it, it was time to get up & head back to the airport! We loved visiting Legoland & I cannot recommend it enough…but wait until the kids are tall enough!





we love water….

We are great lovers of waterplay, not only does it keep the kids entertained for ages but what could be better on a hot day?

Yesterday I set up the sprinkler to spray over the trampoline. It’s one of those that spray in an arc from side to side. The kids thouht it was awesome! And I even got to play too, win win! It was cold but very refreshing! Of course our afternoon wouldn’t be complete without a swim in the pool. In fact, we ended our day with another swim so Hubby could join us too.


December in Photos

As I have been without a computer for what seems like a lifetime, there are loads of photos ready for a story. But I don’t have the amount of time I would prefer to tell them all so I have made an executive decision just to photo dump this post & maybe add a little explanation if needed. So here goes….


Painting/decorating Santa pictures…


…and hands of course!


Using glue was Master 3’s favourite part


Tipping out toys was Master 2’s favourite


Kindy Christmas party


Kindy Christmas Party




More art days in the sun…with more painting of handsImage


Musician in the making


Bob The Builder


Copying daddy??


Christmas Eve cousin fun


Christmas Eve fun


Little on the cold side


Christmas morning


more cars!


Santa got us bikes!






Santa spoilt us…


The face says it all

I’ll do a post dedicated to the road trip we’ve just done with my parentals up North next time…it deserves a whole post to itself.


Ahhh 2 days in a row of warm sunshine…pure bliss!

It’s always cooler in the bush, hence the warmer clothes

Happy birthday fabulous Hubby…yes, someone turned the big 4-0 yesterday. Not me silly, I’m FAR too young for that birthday just yet *wink*

Only Daddy was good enough to carry by this time. Needless to say Master 3 was having none of me taking pics! Home to nap was the next step

water fun in the sun


His face says it all!


The awesomeness of shaving cream

Besides the obvious use for shaving cream, it has another, even more awesome use…painting! Add a dollop in a container, or silicon muffin tray like I did, add a few drops of colouring & MIX WELL. This is important so the colouring doesn’t end up staining clothes, grout, fingers etc And then observe the fun…

My first attempt back in April

Obviously it needed to pass the taste-test!

Yes, he painted himself

Even the bike got the paint treatment

More recent attempt

Best place for it is in the bath


And then, if painting isn’t what you’re keen to do…just make shaving cream cakes (with the left over rainbow rice)


Easy “clean” fun!



Rainbow rice & more

How to kill time when the weather isn’t exactly keeping up it’s end of the bargain, so this Mama doesn’t end up with 2 bored kiddies? RAINBOW RICE! So easy to make up…I didn’t follow online instructions that said to prepare it the night before, like I’m EVER that prepared! Some say add rubbing alcohol or vinegar before adding the colouring…I say be like me & just throw some rice into a ziplock bag, add a few drops (or if, like me, you get a little heavy handed & the colouring gushes in, just add more rice) and shake/rub until all the rice is covered. Pour onto a plate or bowl or whatever you have handy to dry for a few minutes. Repeat with however many colours you want. In my case I used 4 colours with 1 bag of rice. Add a few scoops/toys/cars etc etc PUT THE KIDS OUTSIDE (this is important,trust me!I have learnt from experience) I have a large plastic tray thingy that I put this sort of thing into so they have a larger area to play without losing all the fun materials on the grass in the first 5 minutes.

2 of everything of course!

This was a spur of the moment idea at 7.15am this morning, by 8am they were dressed & playing with it outside while I had my coffee & took photos. THAT’S how easy & quick this is to do. I don’t use too much rice as it usually ends up being thrown all over the place but today we managed to keep 99% of it…ah–mazing! I haven’t done this activity with them for months so I was fascinated to see how they would play with it this time.  Master 3 was particularly captivated…usually he will spend 10min TOPS on an activity but he was busy for an hour. An hour!! Master (Almost) 2 wasn’t that enthusiastic after the initial 10min or so. He played right near to his brother though but, more often than not, it was to size up the exact moment he could swipe to cause maximum destruction & then run like hell. Master 3 handled it pretty well considering his track record, although he managed to clout Master (Almost)2 a beauty at one point. It just wouldn’t be the same if every game didn’t end in tears I say!




Standing at the ready…

Nothing like adding playdoh to the mix!

I still can’t believe that NONE of that rice ended up outside that plastic tub…yet! I have it ready for them again for later today if they’re interested.

They weren’t interested in helping me make pancakes for morning tea, they sat at the table expectantly, watching me slave away. I thought I’d try whipped Coconut cream as a supposedly healthier alternative to normal whipped cream, to go with the banana & honey topping…turns out coconut cream is a pain in the buttocks to whip! I have an electric hand beater & could only get it to the consistency of thick, frothy milk…I had it going for almost 20min before I gave up. The boys weren’t interested in it so I tried some & threw the rest(luckily I only used about a quarter of the tin so not all was wasted)Yes, it’s the white stuff in the photo below.


I did put them to work while I cleared up…


And, despite the chilly weather, the morning wouldn’t have been complete without some watery fun!The water is warm in case you’re wondering…



They lasted 20min before I popped them into a nice hot shower. And, just like that, the morning was over, it was lunch time swiftly followed by a nap!Ahhhh, coffee time…

Water works

Once again our morning was filled with water. Although the boys usually have swimming classes on a Wednesday,I decided snotty noses & grumpy kids just don’t gel together with swimming. So we improvised. Painting ice cubes in the sun!


As Master 3 claimed the paint, Master(Almost) 2 was left with another improvisation piece…


Not that he minded, he was having a ball squirting the bubbles everywhere (it was empty of shampoo, just the dregs left clinging to the inside). Including his brother!


And then Master (Almost) 2 got hold of the paint…


Chasing bubbles was fun…until Mum got light-headed from all the blowing!(And the bubbles didn’t come out in the photos!You’ll just have to trust me that that’s what he is doing here)



Who can resist when they ask to bake. By “they” I mean Master 3. He is always asking to “make cake” but luckily he doesn’t seem to mind as long as he gets to help. As tomorrow is grocery shopping day you can imagine the cupboards are a little on the lean side. But some mixed nuts were hiding out behind a few canned beans so I whizzed those up into nut butter, added coconut,chocolate hail & sprinkles & popped them in the oven for 10min. They were a hit!


Making Mum a “cake” while waiting for the cookies to be done.


Friday Water Fun

Both my boys are water babies through & through. Anything to do with water & I can distract from even the worst tantrums. It is not uncommon in our house to be in the bath at 4pm…”witching” hour!Or even “helping” mum “cook”…Although this usually ends up with me having twice as much to do, what with wiping up the floor,inside the cupboards etc etc But I can guarantee PEACE while I’m trying to make dinner!


Master 3 is always asking to get up to the sink to play so this morning, to take advantage of the sun, I thought I’d attempt a “water wall”. These have been making an appearance on a number of blogs I read so I was inspired.

Fridays are usually our “stay at home & attempt the week’s housework” day, by which I mean I attempt to tidy/clean & the boys follow behind me making more of a mess than was already there! This “water wall” was going to be my saving grace & allow me to get LOADS done…or so I thought!

Firstly, raiding the garage for supplies turned out to be a disappointment…no funnels/pipes/containers or anything usable (Hubby is a plumber for goodness sake!!You’d except great things from this wouldn’t you!?) But I did find the world’s largest stash of zip-ties! I went scratching around in the “greenhouse” & came up with a few plant buckets, you know the ones, they have holes in the bottom for water to drain. I sacrificed some of my kitchen funnels & we had enough to make some fun!



Not 30 seconds after I managed to sneak inside the screaming started, turns out Master (Almost) 2 had decided it would be more fun to dump water on his brother’s head & then run like hell! Needless to say this didn’t go down too well! I managed to distract Master (Almost) 2 with another bucket filled with soapy water & a sponge for him to wash his bike. Guess who wanted to do that too?So it turned into a washing of bikes game. Until I added some warm water…


He jumped in before I even realised his intentions! Although he did get out for me to put him in his togs…


Master 3 now has the cleanest bike in town!This kept them busy for about an hour!Of course I couldn’t do the housework after Master (Almost) 2 decided to climb in, what with supervising & everything, NOT that I needed much of an excuse to bump it to the bottom of my list. So a coffee was totally the thing to do at the time.

It did get rather chilly though so we ended up wrapped up warm, watching Sharks Tale & having an early lunch. A perfect morning….especially since minimal housework got done!

And yes, Master 3 chose his own outfit this morning…