Quiet Books

I found this idea on pinterest, of course!Although apparently not a new concept to most, it was a lightbulb moment for yours truly. What a great idea for my boys to learn, & by learn I mean sit “quietly” & entertain themselves when mama needs to get stuff done. And by “quietly”  I mean slightly less noisy than usual. My boys do nothing without ALOT of noise.

It was also one of our “cousins” 1st birthdays & I had yet to get him a gift. His mama is an early education teacher & really into learning through natural resources etc so I though that this could work for them too. I must point out that it was a week before his party that I started his one.I don’t have a sewing machine so it was all going to be done by hand & I naively thought it would be done in time HA! I grabbed a few meters of muslin,loads of felt & other bits & pieces from David’s Emporium and set to work.I sewed every waking moment that the boys were asleep or when they were being entertained by hubby. I realised it was going to take longer than anticipated so I chose a few ideas to get done in the week & finished the rest off to post a couple of weeks after his actual birthday. I finished up the last few things on the car ride over to the party..thankfully it was a good 1 hours drive! I’m still busy working out how best to load the pics & credit the right people appropriately. This is a work in progress. Most of the ideas came from quitebook.blogspot.co.nz  & Servingpinklemonade but I will get that all updated asap so as not to short change anyone on the credit.

The front,back & inside covers. I used a tea towel folded in half & then sewed a wash cloth into the inside to make it a little more padded

Front cover

Back cover


Counting & buttoning

Numbers. Surfing theme as his mama is a great surfer

Dress the people

Zipper cupboard

Traffic light


The extra pages I made I forgot to photograph so will need to do that & get them up on here. They include an alphabet truck, a picnic of vegan food & a shape matcher

I have started 1 each for my boys & I am about half way so will get those pages up as I get done with them


2 thoughts on “Quiet Books

  1. Ok wow! Seriously impressive, especially for handsewing! My boys would like one each when you’ve finished your current two 😛

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