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Coconut filled chocolate Easter eggs

Ok, so that sounds yummy doesn’t it?? Last week I made something similar after reading this over at Arohanui Vegan Love. Although mine looked like I’d made them from scratch & not at all professional(didn’t even bother taking photos), they were YUMMY!!!!!  Mini Bounty bars. Even Hubby, who usually avoids coconut, inhaled about 3 of them in one sitting. Master 2 loved them of course & even Master 3 ate one & declared it yum (he’s not big on trying “foreign” looking things)

Now, the original recipe is from here but as I am not vegan I wasn’t fussy with the chocolate. I used 2 vanilla flavoured slabs, melted them down, sampled some alot before dipping in my little coconut balls. I used a mini muffin tin but the amount of coconut I had didn’t quite pack to the top of 12. I got about halfway up each muffin hole. I didn’t use any nuts though as I had none. I didn’t so much dip them in the chocolate either, it was more a throw them in, roll them around & voila! Needless to say they were all gone by the time we put the kids in bed!

So I thought I’d try them again today but use the new egg shaped chocolate mold thingy I have. Also, I would try a slightly healthier version of chocolate (coconut oil, cocoa powder & honey/maple syrup) instead of normal chocolate. 

The coconut went in perfectly, 10min in the freezer & they was ready to come out. Being a plastic mold I didn’t bother to rub a bit of coconut oil into each “egg” so that they wouldn’t stick…rookie mistake! A bit of persuasion with a knife & they all came out, albeit not all in 1 piece!


oops, a bit of chocolate managed to find its way onto the coconut a little ahead of schedule

I put a small amount of chocolate into the bottom of each (after I cleaned out the residual coconut & spread some oil in the molds), 10min in the freezer (while I kept the coconut cool in the fridge), dropped pieces of the coconut onto the solid chocolate & covered it all in yet more chocolate. Turns out I could probably have just spread the coconut in the bottom of a cake tin to set & then just broken it into pieces. Next time.

20min in the freezer while I washed up (the dishes AND myself, turns out sampling melted chocolate can get messy), started this post & refereed 2 exhausted little people.


caught in the act!

And they didn’t turn out too badly….


…just a little messy


admittedly not very pretty, I decided to leave them as halves instead of sticking them together as they were actually quite big


Master 2 thought they were fab!

When Hubby saw them his first comment was “that had better not be dark chocolate!” I assured him it wasn’t…well, not technically anyway. I did add more maple syrup than I would if I was going to keep them for myself, as I prefer dark chocolate, to sweeten it up for him (‘coz I’m a good wife *wink*). His response after one tentative nibble (I don’t think he believed me when I said that they weren’t dark chocolate!) was “hmmmmm Yum!” Seriously!

These are actually far richer than the ones I made with a chocolate bar so I’m sure they will last a little bit longer in the fridge…maybe!