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Chocolate Fudge Pie…with Tofu!

I can just picture a few of you wondering who I am & what have I done with the real me after reading that title! But the pic I saw here pushed me over to the dark side. I knew I had to try it. Anything that makes eating chocolate healthier has to be winner, right?With all that protein I could have chocolate for lunch without feeling guilty,right?



Now the only hurdle was the thought of tofu. My one, & only, experience with it was in the States a number of years ago(ok, 12 years ago to be exact…oh, I feel so old now!). It was on a salad bar, cut into cubes,disguising itself as Feta cheese! I was duped! Needless to say there was nothing classy or lady-like about what happened next! To ask me what it tasted like I can’t honestly remember, I just know I was expecting the awesomeness of Feta cheese & got one hell of a nasty surprise! I can say it tastes nothing like Feta cheese!!!So I’ve steered clear ever since…& ALWAYS check to make sure it is indeed Feta cheese on my plate!

I argued back & forth with myself for about 2 days before I actually got down & just made it…albeit having forgotten to buy the chocolate!!!! I did actually do a forehead slap on myself for that blunder! As it needed a cup & a third of melted chocolate it wasn’t something I could just leave out, so I raided Hubby’s mini-choc bar stash he has for work lunches & came up with about half a cups worth when they were melted down. Another rummage in the fridge & I unearthed a bar of fruit & nut that Hubby had hidden behind some jars (he claims it must have “fallen” behind the jars, but I know better!Granted, I would probably hide it from me too!) I was still a third of a cup short so in went chocolate hail (the sprinkles that look like grains of choc rice), some peanut butter, a little more cocoa powder & a drizzle of coconut oil. Oh, & some more honey after I had the initial taste test.

I still wasn’t sold on it completely(so added more cocoa powder!) but I soldiered on, made a “pie crust” using mixed nuts,coconut & dates and put it in the fridge to set. After about an hour I just couldn’t take the suspense any longer & cut a tiny sliver. I was mildly surprised! Almost cheese-cake like in texture, chocolaty & rich…with only a slight aftertaste I’m assuming is from the tofu. Not unpleasant, just different. In 3 days I’ve eaten half!(and the aftertaste is gone! Taste buds are obviously accustomed to it now, although I am not ready to try tofu all on it’s own just yet.)