Welcome to my little slice of the WWW. I am a South African born & bred, married to a wonderful New Zealander. We have 3 gorgeous little boys, Master 5, Master 4 and Master 0 who keep us on our toes, to say the least! This is my record of our lives right now & how we navigate through our days. The good, the bad & the insane. I am a SAHM (stay at home mum) during the week & work half day weekends as a swimming teacher. This gives my hubby the chance to spend some quality time with our boys & to truly appreciate what it is I do everyday!It is not ALL coffee dates & lazing on the couch for endless hours as so many people think. Although I do consume far too much caffeine now that I mention it…

I aim to be brutally honest, no sugar coating here, unless it has to do with food of course! Which makes me sound like I enjoy cooking, which I don’t! I do try, with limited success & the occasional “oooo you should make that again” from my hubby but alas, most of the time its fairly average & uninspiring. I continue to try in the hopes someday I’ll stumble onto a great recipe that even I can’t muck up & discover a hidden cooking talent *snort* I have recently dabbled in crafts & found it is something I love to do so I hope to get better at it, I will post the successes & the flops because, lets be honest, we all love a laugh!I have lofty goals when it comes to making things… example : a large wooden doll house from scratch without a proper pattern, using power tools I glance at from time to time when I happen to wonder down the wrong aisle at the shops!Or a kiddies kitchen made from an old tv cabinet. My hubby justs laughs & shakes his head…I’ll show him!It can’t be THAT difficult can it?

I am yet to decide exactly in what direction this blog will go but it will all reveal itself in due course I’m sure. I don’t want to make it too serious as that’s just not who I am but I’m sure topics will come up from time to time that I have a strong opinion on & feel the need to vent. Mostly, I hope to make at least one person smile.



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