Pizza dough…

I saw this pin on Pinterest & was intrigued…could it ACTUALLY work?

“2 ingredient pizza dough” Sounds simple doesn’t it? 1 cup of Greek or natural yoghurt & 1 cup self-raising flour. Knead, roll & cook

THE most amazing pizza dough ever ~ 1 cup of greek yogurt and 1 cup of Self Rising flour.....................that's it! This quantity makes a single pizza, but you can increase the ingredients and feed a crowd if you want to.

Well, firstly, the recipe says that if the dough is a little too wet just add another SPRINKLING of flour….you be the judge. Too wet?

No amount of SPRINKLING was going to do the job! Nor was any kneading!Want to know how I know that?I tried! No photos of THAT little disaster due to the fact my hands were dripping in dough.

I added roughly another TWO cups of flour plus endless amounts of SPRINKLING while kneading. Eventually I got this…

It was about at this point I realised I only had a teeny, tiny piece of cheese!So instead of a “normal” pizza I opted just to make garlic pizza with the small amount of cheese I had & loads of garlic! Trust me, there will be no vampires visiting this neighbourhood tonight!  Note to self : Don’t make this on a weekend when I have to get up close & personal with people who are paying me to teach them swimming…

And this was the final product..

Now, despite the shaky start, it tasted pretty good. The dough was light & not doughy, not even on the puffy edge pieces. Although I will make it a lot thinner next time as I prefer a thin crust I would call this a success. The boys ate it, even with ALL the garlic & Hubby ate more than half of it so it couldn’t have been that bad right? And it went well with the Thai pork & veg stirfry. Followed by strawberries & cream!YUM! Didn’t last long enough to take pics of that yumminess. We’ve been having our strawberries for dessert every night for almost 2 weeks now as well as there being enough for smoothies most days too. Although we have now put a net over the strawberry patch to keep the birds out…they were getting far too greedy! Now just the slugs & ants to fight with!


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