Winter fun in the sun

So today was the day I decided to start trying out a couple of the activities that I had pinned to keep the boys occupied this winter. Granted, it turned out to be a bit of a cheat as the sun was out & we could be outside (less chance of a colossal mess) which suited me just fine.

I was trawling through the hundreds of ideas/suggestions & Master 3 came to have a look & immediately spotted a pin with earthworms on in! Typical boy! Of course we “needed” (his word) to have worms! As I was NOT going to go digging in the garden to find said worms, I decided to use spaghetti instead. 


Happy to help. Excuse the rather large plaster, he bumped his head yesterday & “needed” a plaster. Worst purchase ever! I blame you, mom!

The boys were intrigued when I tipped the spaghetti into the sandpit but were a little confused as to why they weren’t moving!


not quite the real thing


oooo snails mum (he called them snails ALL morning)


saving them worms from the sand & into the bucket

When I then tried to bury the worms in sand I was unceremoniously told to go away!Seeing as I was planning on doing housework that suited me just fine (no actual housework got done though, I have to admit. It was too nice a day to waste inside, any excuse really!) 

I came back out to them cleaning the worms. I asked them if they were cooking them but was adamantly told no, it was cleaning them in water.


cleaning worms

When they lost interest in that I made some paint & set them up to paint spaghetti


corn flour, water & food colouring = awesome paint that doesn’t stain & is easy to clean

We added a few other toys


Dinosaurs, making footprints on the cardboard


cars, to make tyre prints


car painting

All in all a successful activity for the boys. The spaghetti did dry in the sun while they napped but I just put it back into the fry pan & into the sandpit. Nothing the rain won’t fix…or the rats/mice may have a feast tonight (ahh the joys of country living!) The paint I put as is into a zip lock bag to use again this weekend. Cheap, easy & safe enough to eat 😉 


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