The Pintester Movement

So, if you’ve ever seen the Pintester blog online you know you’re in for a treat. If you haven’t checked it out…what are you waiting for!? She tests pinterest pins, more often than not with hilarious results. Now, for those that have been reading my blog this past year (Yes, it’s been a year already!) you will know that most of the ambitious stuff I try usually ends a little short of the mark too. And let’s be honest, even the simpler stuff can pose some of their own problems!

So why not join in on her “Pintester Movement” and see how that pans out…logical next step don’t you think? I can’t do any worse than usual…right??

Choosing a pin to do that she has already tried was hard. I wanted to try something outside of my comfort zone yet not time consuming or with lots of steps! I think I spent more time trying to decide which one to do than actually doing it. And I wanted one that the boys could ‘help’ with.

I then threw all that out the window & settled on the natural banana pancakes. Quick, easy & hard to muck up. I even had all the ingredients shock, horror! By all, I mean both. That’s how easy they are.

Mash 1 banana, add 2 eggs, moosh the be-donkers out of it & cook. By cook I mean don’t forget about it & let them burn! True story!


lumpy banana & eggs…breakfast of champions


presentation has never been a particular skill of mine


Master 2 wasn’t as fussy with presentation
And then this happened! Oh so pretty don’t you think?? Master 2 saw the browner side & was most upset “Take black away mum” so I rolled it the other way & he ate it!

Surprisingly yum, especially with some maple syrup. Not quite the same as a real pancake but definitely worth the whole 5min it took to whip up. Master 3 has an unexplained aversion to banana so he wouldn’t even entertain the idea of trying one. But Master 2 & I enjoyed them…

Check out the pintester’s go of it here


9 thoughts on “The Pintester Movement

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  2. I’ve been wanting to try these! they seem more omlette-ish than pancake-ish, but still tasty! Glad they worked out for you 🙂 My own pin was a total fail…

  3. I haven’t made these since my test, but after a couple week of paleo dieting, I’m just desperate enough for a pancake that I might. 😉 Glad it sorta worked!

  4. I may have to give this a shot, my kids all love banana’s and maybe it will make bananas more palatable to me. Do they still have the banana texture?

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