Butterscotch white chocolate éclairs

I bet I got your attention with that title didn’t I?? If I didn’t, what’s wrong with you!? When I saw the pin on pinterest it grabbed my attention too. Although it was for a normal éclair, as per usual I forgot the vanilla instant pudding & dark chocolate chips when doing the groceries yesterday. Luckily I had a package of butterscotch pudding in the back of the pantry from Master 3’s party last year. Oh, & no butter in the fridge so I took the chance that margarine would do the trick, despite google suggesting otherwise!

I had planned on making them last night after the boys had gone to bed but by the time that rolled around I had other ideas. Namely a movie in bed with the electric blanket & cup of tea. So I whipped them up early this morning before heading off to our playdate.

The boys were otherwise occupied with Fantastic Mr Fox & crashing cars into each others heads so I was able to get things started without my little “helpers”. I got the recipe from Hidden Ponies & just subbed in what I had to & hoped for the best.

I piped (somewhat unprofessionally) the dough onto a cookie sheet & got 15 relatively equal portions. By relatively I mean not so much! But they didn’t turn out so badly…surprisingly!

Master 2 thoroughly enjoyed the process of “cleaning”


butterscotch pudding, whipped cream & icing sugar anyone??


making sure he gets it all


Lighting not wonderful at 8am in the morning but you get the idea


Finished product

I only had white chocolate chips so I used them & added a little cocoa powder…genius I hear you mutter, my thoughts exactly!

My oh my……….YUM!


Excuse the background but the lighting was better in here


you can’t have anymore until you feed me some, mom!

They were a hit, even Master 3 ate most of one…until he hit the creamy middle. Which meant I had to finish it of course. Needless to say that 3.5 over a morning was probably overkill…but oh so worth it! 






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