Party goodies

This past weekend brought with it Master 4’s birthday party. Snowman themed as per his request. I won’t bore you with too many details so here are a few photos instead.


His actual birthday


Birthday treat. Which he only had a few bites before brainfreeze set in & mum was allowed to finish it


The sort-of snow themed food


snowmen…2 marshmallows iced together


Igloos…1 giant marshmallow cut in half & then 1 half cut in half again.Sticky edges line up conveniently so no icing needed. Icing sugar dusted underneath to stop the bottoms sticking to the dish. And to look like snow of course!


Apricot bites (bought from shop like that) & gluten-free cake pops. I used a gluten-free box cake for the cake pops(there was a gf child at the party so I wanted to make sure he could join in too. I made 2 larger cupcakes for him too from the box) Covered in white chocolate with coconut dusting

The 1st food photo you can also see eskimo lollies(sweets) which are also conveniently available in a bag & “mushrooms” that were coated in coconut (a bit like licorice allsorts). Amaretti biscuits I found at KMart that fit the theme nicely, although they were a little yuck to be honest! The cupcakes were actually muffins, iced in green & sprinkled with coconut (snow on trees). Not the best tasting to be fair but the kids devoured them. I also had hot chocolate that I kept warm in my slow cooker, with whipped cream & mini marshmallows…not ONE child had any!!


The Cake. I hired a shaped cake tin to make it waaaaaaayyyyy easier. I thought he turned out quite well. Again,not the best tasting cake recipe,it was a bit dense. Next time I will definitely be sticking to a sponge cake recipe!


Presents are appreciated!


I was so well behaved…for a change!


Got me some armies!

All in all a good day. Master 4 had a blast & got spoilt rotten. (He did receive a little cash too, which he practically begs me for everyday! “Where’s my money mummy?” Although, thankfully, today he seems to have lost interest so I can keep it safe until he finds something to spend it on, although 10% will be going into his savings…can’t start too young I say)



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