The House…Part 2 (demolition)

Demolition, apparently the best part of any renovation! Not for me though, the mess is just overwhelming! Luckily my father-in-law & brother-in-law where up for a good demolition & helped me demolish the inside. Hubby was busy with the outside & the plumbing…which was so obviously something the previous owners did themselves as it was shocking!


I did attempt to keep some order in the chaos…



And then this ended up being the scene in most rooms *sigh*


Looking from the lounge straight through the boys room & into ours. I cleared all that rubbish into skips, alone! Hubby did the third bedroom & thought he was all that!


THIS is what we found in one corner in every room! Birds/rats nests!!! Needless to say we are so glad we decided to spend the money on regibbing instead of just repainting the old walls! I, of course, used being pregnant so that I wouldn’t have to go near it. And then my parents brought up the fact there could be lice in there!! Needless to say I had an itchy head for days every time I thought about it (no, none of us actually got lice, thankfully)


We hadn’t originally planned on demolishing the kitchen but once we got started & realised how truly disgusting the kitchen was (the stench of mice droppings/wee was enough to make me gag) we decided to bite the bullet & get a new kitchen. SOOOOOO glad we got rid of that hideous coal-range!


Before: Hubby secretly enjoyed this I’m pretty sure, despite the moaning about what a mission it was


After: So much more space


Ahhhhh so much better without all that rubble (looking from our room through to the boys room & into the lounge)

And some of the changes on the outside…Hubby’s project ‘coz I hate detest would rather he did it. He worked hard on re-doing the outside spouting and doing all the plumbing under the house, before getting stuck into relocating some of the trees that were right up against the house, blocking out all the sun. He also chopped a few foreign ones down as they were just overkill & in the way. Don’t worry, he has replaced any trees cut down with native trees/bush but in better positions.


The boys loved their “jungle” of cut down branches


Hubby spent many hours chopping all the scrap wood into firewood

I will have to remember to take an updated photo of the backyard…


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