I can see some of you scratching your head over this one. In a nutshell it’s a treasure hunt of sorts. All over the world, with different degrees of difficulty to the walks/tramps/climbs etc to get to each cache. You log your visit in the logbook that is in each one & if you take a treasure you need to bring something to put in its place. A very simple concept & actually quite useful if, like me, you are not the biggest fan of aimless meandering through bush, forests etc

Yesterday we headed out to the bush reserve near our house & eventually made it to the top. It was a lot muddier this time around & the boys weren’t at their best. Possible still getting over their colds. But we pushed on & made it in relatively good spirits…



In some places it was necessary to carry little people


Pointing out the different letters


Brotherly love


This cache is heavy


This is how you do it


Looking through the treasures

Having taken much longer than anticipated we had fish & chips for dinner. Any excuse not to cook! Mission accomplished!


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