The wonderful world of Op-Shopping…

Yes,seriously! Admittedly, I don’t get alot of time to go to these places as I have 2 anti-opshop-mechanisms…namely Masters 1 & 3!Far too much for them to touch explore destroy & I guess it really isn’t fair to expect them to walk quietly in the middle of the store, hands by their sides without touching ANYTHING! Especially not when all the breakables are practically at knee height for them! So I plan these little trips when I know I will be alone.

Now that I’m sewing, albeit VERY basically, I’m on the hunt for a range of decently priced fabrics. There is sooo much variety out there & all the really good stuff comes with the appropriate price tags, which I wouldn’t mind if I was slightly more experienced & less likely to muck up! Hence the reason for said opshop mission this morning while the kiddies where at kindy.

I think they knew I was about to embark on an adults only shopping spree too because they dragged their heals, had at least a half dozen tantrums between them & performed when I went to leave them at kindy! Nothing like a dose of Mother’s Guilt to start the morning! But I did manage to drag myself away with the promise that I would be back soon.

I was a bit dejected after the first couple of shops as their stash of scraps was limited, although I did manage to spend some money on the boys. Damn that Mother’s Guilt!!

Wooden toys woohoo
Wooden stove top & oven

I have been after a wooden play kitchen for ages but wasn’t willing to pay 100s of $s for a fancy one. Although this could do with a new paint job (yoo hoo,Hubby..)it was a steal at $12. Just my kind of shopping!

But by shop number 5 I hit the jackpot!


Granted, these are mostly off cuts/scraps but just perfect for small, easy to sew projects to practice with. The little old lady at the till was almost as excited as I was at the prospect of all that sewing!

After all the excitement of the morning(hey, I was out by myself, no kids to worry about,browsing in the  shops instead of bulldozing through,spending money…what isn’t there to be excited about!?) I was in need of a real coffee.But not before I passed the American Candy Store!And we all know how well the Yanks do chocolate & peanut butter!What’s a girl to do?! Buy peanut butter M&Ms of course!! *drool*

Now I’ve lost my train of thought….all in all a successful mommy-only morning!


3 thoughts on “The wonderful world of Op-Shopping…

  1. ooh which opshops did you go to? the one by spotlight usually has lots of fabric. and looots of oldfashioned patterns hehe. and there’s one of Victoria St opposite the BP that has quite a lot too. At least it dad when I last looked, which was admittedly over a year ago.

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