Hubby’s Big 4-0!

During this past week Hubby celebrated his birthday, at home with us. No big party, no excessive drinking…or so he thought! I managed to pull off a surprise party for him yesterday! And it was quite easily done too, Hubby is not a suspicious person & is usually satisfied with any explanations I have for any questions. Of which he had none! I was able to explain away the extra meat in the freezer (Christmas feast) & the non-perishables where easy enough to hide in a box under the bed.

My concern was what to do with the meat once it was defrosted(night before I had to cook it) & then storing the cooked food. Thank goodness for cooler boxes & ice is all I can say. Hidden behind the useful stuff we never use crap under the computer shelf. I cooked all the meat  & made the potato salad the day before and was able to store half in the fridge in preparation for the inlaws supposedly coming for lunch. Well, they DID come for lunch…along with about 30 other people. I even managed 3 small desserts which were explained away by other family supposedly coming for afternoon tea on Sunday! I finished off a couple more things on Sat morning & we were good to go…although there was a small hiccup with timing & keeping Hubby out of the house!

A good friend of his, B, was roped in to being responsible for keeping him out of the house until 3.30pm. He asked Hubby to fix a tap for him & then they were going to go for a ride on their motorbikes. Sounded good to me. My only words to Hubby were “just be home by 3.30pm ‘coz your parents are coming over”. Then Sat morning arrives & I’m about to leave the house “to take the boys swimming” (to pick up the cake I ordered) & Hubby tells me he will have to go over in his car AND THEN COME HOME TO FETCH HIS BIKE! Small moment of panic but, as mostly everything was done, I thought I could just go to the park or something until I knew he’d been home & gone again. I texted B to ask for a heads up when Hubby left to come home & when I was about 15min away myself, I got the message he was on his way…I had the cake, beers & fresh rolls to feed 30 people in the car but I weighed up the risk & floored it home (by “floored it” I mean a measly 110km/hr, but even on the back roads in a country with a 100km/hr speed limit, 110 feels fast *wink*) I managed to shove the cake & beers under each of the kids beds & chuck the rolls unceremoniously behind the couch before he arrived home. He was in such a rush to get his bike gear on he didn’t even notice me catch my breath. He was gone again before I knew it & I sighed in relief & had a coffee!

Next thing I know, I get a msg from B to say I needed to make up an excuse to keep him out longer because he was trying to rush to get back home by 3.30pm! Typical, he never actually listens to me ever, but the one day it’s ok for him to be late, he’s trying to win husband of the year!So I hastily sent a convoluted msg about the inlaws being late only to receive another one from B saying Hubby’s phone had died before he could read the msg! I mean come on!! I resent it but to B’s phone, hoping Hubby wouldn’t suspect anything. He did apparently comment on the fact that he didn’t realise I had B’s number though. But all was ok in the world of surprise parties again.

To say he was pleasantly surprised is an understatement!He did say, however, that he will never trust me again LOL The food went down well & the cake was delicious! He was so impressed with the design too…

Thanks for all your hard work B

‘Coz this is how I roll

These guys have been friends forever!

Loving being with all the adults around the fire…even with a face full of cake which he wouldn’t let me wipe off!

It then descended into more adult time….although Masters 2 & 3 were NOT happy to leave said company to go to bed at 9.30pm!

I did eventually sneak off to bed just after midnight, someone has to get up for the kids when they wake at stupid-o-clock & I knew it wouldn’t be Hubby!I woke to an empty bed this morning, turns out Hubby crashed on the spare bed in his man-cave…WITH one of his mates (male, just in case you think I’m being a bit blasé about it all!) That would be the one on the right of the above photo in the blue. There were designated drivers & everyone got home safe & sound in case you were worried!

Hubby & his bed buddy were awake bright & early this morning, clearing up the remnants of the fire. He did have a bit of a nana-nap while the boys & I watched a DVD but other than that he’s been surprisingly hangover free! And that’s no mean feat when you see what the recycling bin looks like this morning with all the beer bottles!!!!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate with us, I know Hubby had a great time!


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