The art of gift giving…

I suddenly realised that this morning would be my only time alone to get Master (Almost) 2’s birthday gift before the weekend. Like I’ve said before, I perform best under pressure. Cool, calm & collected that’s me! I had no idea what to get him so it was a case of just walking down every aisle until something grabbed my attention. I also had to pick up a gift from Ouma & Oupa, which I had seen awhile ago in Kmart but didn’t buy right then & there…rookie mistake! Of course today, sold out! But luckily the Warehouse came to the rescue. Not the exact same one but half the price…score!

I don’t know what made me walk down the girl toys aisle, I never do unless on the hunt for Miss Niece. Perhaps it was the excitement of being in the store ALL BY MYSELF! Anyways, I’m glad I did! A mini cooking set, perfect for the oven I got in my last Opshop haul .He’s either going to love playing with it or he’s going to love throwing the pieces around. Either way he’ll love it!

I find it difficult to stop at just 1 gift though. I saw this poem online & am trying to stick to it. Especially with Christmas just around the corner. Buying gifts based on the following principles:  ” Something they want, Something they need, Something they wear & Something they read”. As he’s too young to really WANT something I’m using the kitchen set as that. I got chalk as the NEED (Ouma & Oupa got him a stand up chalkboard, he now NEEDS chalk!) The WEAR is more difficult as my parents, as well as my MIL, tend to spoil the boys with clothes so I don’t need to add to that . But I did manage to find the perfect t shirt for his firetruck themed party so I guess I covered that category too. And finally, a Thomas the Tank Engine book as the READ. Done & dusted in less than 3 hrs. Well, less if you take into account my window shopping & coffee stop!

Now the trick is to stay away from the shops until after his birthday on Sunday…that way I won’t be tempted to add to that. The problem with that is I still have most of the shopping for the party to do (there’s that last minute thing again!) And then it’s time to start Christmas shopping!!!! And this year my parents are flying over from SA to spend 5 glorious weeks over Christmas & New Year with us. And let me tell you that these 2 can shop!!So I’m fully prepared to bet money on it that they won’t be sticking to the “guidelines” *wink* But I guess grandparents are exempt from the “guidelines” anyway, so spoil away grandies, spoil away!!




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